Bat Chute

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The Bat Chute is a simple patented product that uses a Velcro attachment to easily strap on any baseball or softball bat.  Used to warm up prior to batting, just 6 to 10 swings can increase your bat speed 5 to 10 mph resulting in additional power, hand speed and ball distance.  When you’re not at the field, use it as a training device 10 minutes per day, 3 times per week, to increase your swing speed, strength and sequence.  The Bat Chute is lightweight, portable and can be used anywhere quickly and easily. Works for all ages and all abilities.  Other similar products cost as much as $199.  Made in USA. Thirty day money back guarantee and FREE lifetime warranty.

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The Bat Chute training aid is a must-have for anyone trying to improve their batting performance. The Bat Chute uses simple wind resistance to train your bat swing for faster bat speed, better performance and more accuracy. This design increases performance and sequence for baseball and softball players of all ability and levels.

What Does The Bat Chute Do For People Like Me?
It helps increase bat swing speed and builds shoulder and arm strength.  It allows you to strengthen and quicken your swing, which means you hit the ball much harder and with more force. It’s a Baseball/Softball Trainer that fits all baseball and softball bats quickly and easily. It develops your swing muscles without changing your swing mechanics.

Who Should Use It?
Because it’s designed specifically for all baseball and softball players wanting to increase their swing speed and hit the ball farther, you should! It’s currently used in high schools and colleges and clubs all over the Western states.  Since the Bat Chute uses natural wind resistance to strengthen the muscles used in an explosive swing, this baseball training aid allows you to hit harder, faster and with more accuracy.

Why Is The Bat Chute Different Than All The Other Baseball Training Aids?
• Because all of our baseball and softball players have seen an increase in swing speed!
• It is lightweight (only 4 ounces)
• Fits easily into your pocket or sports bag
• Used to warm up prior to and during games
• Works the swing muscles without weights
• And, it costs less than other similar products – some as much as $200!


Buy the best baseball training aid today to improve your game or give it as a gift! Check out our videos for more instruction and information.  Remember, if you’re not completely satisfied, you can return your Bat Chute within 30 days for a full refund and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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