We LOVE hearing from our customers!  With so many products on the market today, it’s hard to know if something is the real-deal or it’s a gimmick. Check out what some of these real customers say about Chute Trainer.


“As a PGA Teaching professional I am always looking for a simple way to communicate my instruction to my students. Golf is a difficult game even for  the PGA Tour players and I have used many products over the years of teaching. I was introduced to a swing training aid last year and found immediate simple results – The Golf Chute by Chute Trainer.  When I received my Golf Chute, I attached it to my golf club and I  quickly started to receive feedback in my hands with better tempo, more lag on my down swing and the feeling that my arms were more connected to my body rotation. This golf training aid will help all levels of golfers from the beginner to the advanced golfer. You can keep it tucked away in your golf bag and use it anytime you are practicing or before play. One of the best things about the Golf Chute is its portable, light and extremely effective to help you gain a new motor skill to produce lower scores. Developing a new motor skill takes time but the journey is well worth it. Order your Golf Chute by Chute Trainer today and enjoy lower scores and have more fun with golf.”
 -Ben Alexander PGA
2 x PGA Teacher of the Year

“I use the golf chute before every round for as part of a warm up routine. Sometimes I use it during the round when I need a little more club head speed and don’t want to consciously swing harder. I use it in the off season as well. I love it.”

-Brenton N.

“These products are great..  builds my power for throwing and hitting!

-Mathew A.

“One of the best products I’ve seen! Great for increasing bat speed and power. One of the best products I’ve seen in the past 30 years of coaching baseball and softball.”

– Doug R.

“I refer people to your website every chance I get. I love your product because it works and the results can be felt immediately. Anytime I’m asked about the chute trainer I let people demo it for themselves. It works.”

– Joe A.

“I just placed my order, and based on what I felt when I used it today I think this will easily be the best training aid I’ve ever purchased. That’s no exaggeration either. The feedback you get is immediate and for me it’s helping a lot with my tempo.”

– Josh, H. Monterey, CA

“The Chute Trainer has been a great addition to the VJF Golf Academy. As instructors it makes our job easier when teaching” lag” as well as when students are seeking more distance; it is our “Go To” training aid. The Chute Trainer is simple in concept yet extremely effective. We here at the academy give it 2 thumbs up!”

– Vince Fratercangelo | Director of Instruction, VJF Golf Academy

“The Golf Chute by Chute Trainer is the best training device for increasing club head speed and creating lag. It’s a must have for anyone trying to hit the ball farther, straighter and with more accuracy.”

– Kathy G-Jensen, PGA, 2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year

“My wife and I each have a chute trainer now (bought one at a golf expo, ordered one online), and we use them for warming up. Will be using them more for a bit of a work-out in between rounds. We have demonstrated them to several others, including the owners and the teaching pro of our local course, The Barn in Pleasant View, Utah. I know I’ve seen two people at that course that have them now. The Chute Trainer is unlike anything we’ve ever used before and has definitely helped our game! Thanks, Chute Trainer!”

– Craig T., North Ogden, Utah

“After just using it 6 to 8 swings, I would say the club head speed was 10 miles an hour faster.”

– Mark C.

“After using the product, it certainly increased my swing speed and allowed me to focus more on rotation of hips and follow-through to my target.”

– David K.

“This is the one of the best training aids I have seen. You will really feel the chute working with the first couple of swings. It will not only help build the muscles needed to hit it farther, but will also help get you on the proper swing plane to hit it straighter!!Great tool to use for keeping and building your swing all winter while we watch the snow fly.”

– Billy B, PGA Golf Pro

“At first I was skeptical and thought it was a gimmick. But it really works and I’m impressed!”

– Ty P. High School Golf Coach

“I use the chute trainer several times a week but only for a short period of time in each session. I usually use one iron and one wood or driver. It has given me additional distance and also helps with swing tempo and follow through. The plastic clip on device does not seem to do any damage to the club shaft (that was the one concern I had when I first saw the trainer because it does slide on the shaft when in use).  I am very happy with the chute trainer.”

– Chuck O.

“At first it surprised me with the ease of the product. Using that, it made me slow down because of the feeling of drag. If anything could improve my game, it would be a product like that.”

– Roger M., 82 year-young avid golfer

“After I used it, my immediate reaction was that there was a jet pack on the back of my club! All of a sudden I had more strength, I was able to swing with a lot more ease. It’s like my muscles all of a sudden got a lot stronger.”

– Cheri T.

“The more we use it, the more we’re finding new uses for it. I mean, I never really thought about swing plain. I never really thought about it increasing lag. And it did both of those things.”

– Greg A., PGA Golf Pro