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It’s Resistance Training Without The Weight!

A must have for anyone trying to improve their game, the Bat Chute is a simple baseball swing trainer that uses a Velcro attachment to easily strap on any baseball or softball bat and a “chute” to catch air and provide muscle strengthening resistance.  Instead of using weighted donuts, two bats, or expensive alternatives, use the Bat Chute to warm up prior to batting to increase bat speed and power while improving batting mechanics and muscle memory. Just 6 to 10 swings will increase bat speed 5 to 10 mph adding power, increasing swing and hand speed, and resulting in longer ball distance.

The Bat Chute strengthens muscles and promotes a proper bat swing sequence.  Train with it several times a week to build core muscle strength and become a power hitter.  The benefits of this new product are huge! The Bat Chute is a lightweight portable swing trainer and can be used anywhere quickly and easily. Works for all ages, genders and abilities.  For the money, there is nothing else like it and similar products cost as much as $199 or more. Made in USA. Thirty day money back guarantee and FREE lifetime warranty.

The Bat Chute is a revolutionary but simple power chute baseball swing trainer that uses wind resistance to train and develop the muscles used in a bat swing for faster bat speed, better bat swing performance and more power through the entire swing.  It increases batting performance and promotes a proper bat swing sequence for baseball and softball players of all abilities, ages and levels.  Whether you’re a pro or amateur, male or female, if you want to warm up quickly, fire those key fast twitch muscle fibers, and have more power and speed while at the plate, the Bat Chute is exactly what you're looking for. The Bat Chute trainer quickly and easily straps on to any baseball or softball bat and allows you to strengthen and quicken your bat swing by providing resistance, but not adding weight.  This means you hit the ball harder with more force without throwing off your natural mechanics or ability.  Simply put, it's resistance training without using weights.  No one would deny resistance training builds strength and power. The Bat Chute baseball swing trainer fits all baseball and softball bats and attaches quickly and easily with an adjustable Velcro strap.  Once you strap it on, swing it 6 to 10 times at about 50 - 80% your full swing strength.  Then take it off and feel the speed!  Your bat will feel light and fast.  Often people will experience and increase in speed, which means better timing, accuracy and a better batting average. Why Is The Bat Chute Different Than All The Other Baseball Training Aids?

  • Patented Technology
  • It is lightweight at only 4 ounces
  • It fits easily into your pocket or sports bag
  • It’s easily used to warm up prior to and during games
  • Develops the swing muscles by adding resistance but not weight
  • Costs less than other baseball hitting training aids  – some as much as $200!

Need more proof?  See what others say about our baseball training aid at our testimonials page. All Chute Trainer Power Sports products are made in America.  We understand how important it is for you to have a product that you trust, love and that lasts.  That’s why we offer a FREE 30-day money back guarantee.  If you don’t love it, just return it!  Plus, because we want customers for life, if at any time your Chute Trainer product rips, tears or somehow breaks, simply return it to us and we’ll replace it absolutely FREE!

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10 reviews for Bat Chute

  1. Rory Erchul (store manager)

    I like this product a lot. For the money, hard to beat. Seems a bit unusual at first but actually does what it says it will do.

  2. Michelle Taylor (verified owner)

    We enjoyed the bat chute very much

  3. Nick Parrott (verified owner)

    Very impressive tool for all ages

  4. Russ Hopp (verified owner)

    I’m 70 years old, still play softball. You can still improve at any age and at my age I need all the help I can get. The chute works great. Recently another player saw me warming up with it. He chided me that if my swing speed got any faster it just wouldn’t be fair. Have fun and never quit.

  5. Miike Miles (verified owner)

    Product produces, put 10 feet on the ball in my semi weekly batting T practice. I use the Chute almost every day. Don’t buy its competitor, Power Chute to expensive and very hard to package and return

  6. George Lancaster (verified owner)

    Great service great product. This will surly increase your bat speed and power . I have used it 3 times a day and issues with it. Highly recommend .5 Stars ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

  7. Casey (verified owner)

    Great Product!

  8. Rich French (verified owner)

    I does what is supposed to but i don’t think it is as effective as the old DeMarini swing schute

  9. Tommy Wesberry (verified owner)

    In my opinion the chute trainer is one of the best training devices that helps to increase your forearm strength and bat head speed. Love this device. Just received my new one . Replaced the one that I somehow lost. Have been using one for the last 10 years.

  10. Stephen LeViere (verified owner)

    Well built and works great whole family of ball players reaping the benefits. As a trainer I recommend this bat chute highly

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