Golf Chute


The Golf Chute is a simple patented product that easily clips on and off any standard golf club.  Used prior to play, just 6 to 10 swings can increase your club head speed 5 to 10 mph resulting in an additional 20, 30 or more yards off your drive.  Use it as a training device 10 minutes per day, 3 times per week, to increase your swing speed, strength and swing sequence.  Lightweight, portable and can be used anywhere quickly and easily. Works for all ages and all abilities.  Made in the USA.  Thirty day money back guarantee and a FREE lifetime warranty.

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No matter your age or ability, the Golf Chute uses wind resistance to strengthen and train your swing for faster club head speed, lag, a better swing sequence, more distance and better control.

It increases your club head speed 5 to 10 MPH after just 6 swings! Increasing your club head speed results in hitting the golf ball 20, 30 or more yards which reduces your score.

Other Benefits

  • Its lightweight (only 3 ounces)
  • Easily fits into your pocket or golf bag
  • FREE lifetime warranty
  • Costs less than similar training aids (other similar products cost around $100)


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