The Best Swing Training Aid for Golf, Batting & Throwing Increase Your Speed, Strength and Sequence

Increase Club Speed & Distance 20 to 35 yards

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Increase Bat Speed & Core Strength

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The best swing training aid for golf, baseball & softball!

Chute Trainer created patented swing training aids that HELP YOUR GAME! The Chutes look unconventional, but so did Olympic athletes running with parachutes… until they started WINNING! Our products use simple air resistance to create the best baseball bat trainer, the best pitch/throwing trainer, and the best golf swing trainer on the market today!

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Improve Bat or Golf Swing

Hit Farther, Throw Faster

Swing 5 – 10 MPH Faster

Improves Swing Sequence

Why Chute Trainer Products Are Better Than Weighted Clubs or Bats

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Increase Bat Swing Speed. Drills by Coach Lisa, Owner of Challenge U Softball.

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