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The best swing trainer for golf, baseball & softball!

Chute Trainer created patented powerchute swing trainers to HELP YOUR GAME, no matter your age or ability.  Our “chutes” may look unconventional, but so did Olympic athletes running with parachutes… until they started WINNING!

Benefits of Chute Trainer Products For Golf and Baseball

  • Just 6 to 10 swings fires fast twitch muscle fibers for increased club and bat speed
  • Creates “lag in the golf swing, promoting a proper release and swing sequence
  • Develops “muscle memory” for improved baseball and golf swings
  • Increases bat and club head speed 5 to 10 mph instantly for more power
  • By capturing air, our patented products provide resistance for strengthening core muscles used in a bat or golf swing but won’t throw off swing mechanics
  • Portable, easy to use, no additional tools needed, Chute Trainer swing trainers costs less than other similar swing trainers

How our swing trainers work

Chute Trainer products are designed to create resistance throughout the entire swing, but not too much, by captureing air and using it as resistance.  Providing resistance without adding any weight, our swing trainers target fast twitch muscle fibers, create “lag” and promote a proper swing sequence.  They also develop muscle memory and proper swing mechanics.

Easily and quickly attach a Chute Trainer, swing it 6 to 10 times, take it off and hold on – You’ll immediately feel the additional speed of the club, bat or ball.

Golf Chute

The Golf Chute is a revolutionary golf swing trainer that easily clips on and off any standard golf club – snap it on, swing it, snap it off. Used to warm up prior to play, just 6 to 10 swings can increase your club head speed 5 to 10 mph resulting in an additional 20, 30 or more yards on your drive. It’s less expensive than a bucket of balls, a private lesson or a new driver.

Train with the Golf Chute for 10 minutes, three times a week, to increase your swing speed, strength. muscle memory and swing sequence.  The Golf Chute is lightweight, portable and can be used anywhere quickly and easily. Works for all ages and all abilities – we guarantee it.

“The Chute Trainer has been a great addition to the VJF Golf Academy. As instructors it makes our job easier when teaching” lag” as well as when students are seeking more distance; it is our “Go To” training aid. The Chute Trainer is simple in concept yet extremely effective. We here at the academy give it 2 thumbs up!”

– Vince Fratercangelo | Director of Instruction, VJF Golf Academy

The Bat Chute

Be a power hitter at the plate!  The Bat Chute easily straps on and off any baseball or softball bat with a Velcro attachment and it’s patented “parachute” design provides resistance throughout the entire swing for building strength and muscle without the weight.  Used to warm up prior to batting, 6 to 10 swings can increase your bat speed 5 to 10 mph resulting in additional power and bat speed at the plate.  You simply have to try it to believe it.

Revolutionizing the way baseball and softball players warm up and improve their bat swings, we recommend training with the Bat Chute Powerchute Trainer for 10 minutes a day, three times a week to increase your swing speed, swing mechanics, muscle memory, strength and bat swing sequence. The Bat Chute works off of simple wind-resistance principles, is lightweight, portable and can be used anywhere quickly and easily. Works for all ages and all abilities – we guarantee it.

“Great for increasing bat speed and power. One of the best products I’ve seen in the past 30 years of coaching baseball and softball.”

– Doug R.


The Throwing Chute easily fits on any hand. Used to warm up your arm, you can increase your throwing speed 5 to 10 mph. This results in faster pitches, longer throws and a better arm. It’s resistance but without weight, bands or clunky equipment.

Train for 10 minutes, three times a week to increase throwing speed and strength. Some softball pitchers have seen an increase in pitching speed of 3 to 5 mph after just 30 days use. The Throwing Chute is lightweight, portable and can be used anywhere quickly and easily. Works for all ages and all abilities – we guarantee it.

“I refer people to your website every chance I get. I love your product because it works and the results can be felt immediately. Anytime I’m asked about the Chute Trainer I let people demo it for themselves. It works.”

– Joe B.

The Benefits of Chute Trainer Products

  • Chute Trainer products weigh mere ounces and can easily be carried in a bag or pocket.  Other similar products are large, cumbersome and not easy to transport.
  • The Golf Chute simply clips on the shaft – snap on, swing, snap off.  It’s really that easy.  Other training devices are more difficult to attach; some need tools or designated clubs or bats making them much more difficult to utilize.
  • The Bat Chute straps on with velcro very easily.
  • The Throwing Chute is simply like putting on a glove.  Nothing to it.
  • Chute Trainer products provide just enough resistance to fire fast twitch muscle fibers, those used for speed.  Too much resistance and your slow twitch fibers engage, those fibers used for heavy lifting and endurance.
  • Works immediately – just 6 to 10 swings can improve swing speed 5 to 10 mph resulting in 20, 30 or more yards to any drive.
  • Chute Trainer products also promote a proper swing sequence and create lag all the way through a golf or bat swing.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked.
  • Lifetime Warranty – others either charge you for a warranty or you simply don’t get one.
  • Costs 1/3 or less than simliar “chute” products, fans, or “whips.”  Similar products can cost $80, $100 or even $200.  Save money and improve your game.


According to science, warming up with a weighted bat or club inhibits performance. Pro and amateur players should NOT warm up with weights. Instead, Chute Trainer products are designed to address the issues in the video to the right to help improve speed, strength and sequence by firing fast twitch muscle fibers for explosive speed and power.

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