Grow Golf

How to Grow the Game of Golf

Growing the Game of Golf

Great article from the Geneva National Resort on how to grow the game of golf.  We’re happy that one of our owners was asked his opinion on how to do that.  Seems like the peak of golf was when Tiger Woods was the man, but since then Golf’s popularity has shrunk a bit.  What are your thoughts on how to grow the game of golf?

Here’s the intro to this article –

When the average person thinks of golf, what comes to mind? An exciting game requiring patience, practice and skill? Or, a slow-moving sport dominated by older, wealthy males? We believe the first definition is more fitting, but unfortunately golf has gained a certain reputation for stuffiness in the public consciousness.

How do you redefine the game’s image and make it attractive to young people? We decided to ask a few golf experts and see how they get both millennials and younger potential players excited about the game.

You can read the full article here.