Chute Trainer, Inc. Signs Multi-Year Deal with World Renowned Golf Instructor and 2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year, Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen.

Pocatello, ID – April 9, 2015 – Chute Trainer, Inc., producer of wind-resistance trainers for golf, throwing, stick sports and more, announce

Kathy G. Jensen, PGA.  2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year

Kathy G. Jensen, PGA. 2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year

they’ve entered into an multi-year endorsement deal with reigning PGA National Teacher of the Year, Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen. The relationship allows Chute Trainer to use Gildersleeve-Jensen’s brand and image, while also allowing Gildersleeve-Jensen to feature the product as part of her new and ongoing branding initiative, Golf Results Now,

“This is a breakthrough for us,” said Rory Erchul, one of the four founding partners of Chute Trainer, Inc. “With so many training aids and devices on the market today – especially in golf – Kathy brings validity and recognition to the Golf Chute and Chute Trainer brand. We couldn’t have found a more committed supporter or better representative than Kathy, the PGA National Teacher of the Year.”

The Golf Chute by Chute Trainer uses natural wind resistance to strengthen the golf swing, prime fast twitch muscle fibers and provide lag, helping to increase swing speed on average of 5 -7 mph without adding weights.

“Wind resistance is not a new concept and is used in many sports to increase strength and speed,” said Gildersleeve-Jensen. “If my student uses the Chute Trainer regularly, he or she will see an increase in swing speed. Another great benefit is the Golf Chute design helps create a larger elliptical swing arc and teaches lag in the golf swing. In addition, the fact that Chute Trainer products are made by persons with disabilities, only adds to my belief in this amazing company.”

Chute Trainer, Inc. will also soon launch other wind-resistance trainers including the Throwing Chute, Stick Chute and Racquete Chute. More information on these products can be found at

The Golf Chute by Chute Trainer aims to increase club head speed by an average of 5-7 MPH. Chute Trainer’s mission is to provide training products that are affordable, honestly work for all ages and abilities, and are made in the U.S.A. Valuing every person’s abilities and contributions, each and every Chute Trainer product is made locally in SE Idaho by people with disabilities, a population that often is overlooked and undervalued.

Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, PGA Director of Instruction and owner of KGJgolf at Indian Canyon Golf Course in Spokane, Washington, is the first woman golf professional in history to be named PGA National Teacher of the Year. Included among her list of players are celebrities, as well as Canadian, Asian and Symetra Tour Professionals.

In 2013, Golf Digest selected Gildersleeve-Jensen No. 4 in its “Best Teachers in State” roster; and she was among the 2013 and 2014 Golf Range Association of America Top 50 Teachers Growth of the Game list. Gildersleeve-Jensen continually incorporates new technology, science and social media into her work, including Web Cam Live Personal Online lessons. She is an eBook Author of “How to Play Golf … Inside 50 Yards” and has written countless magazine articles on the game.


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