Looking to increase club head speed?  You came to the right place!
Play Better Golf

The Golf Chute by Chute Trainer is a simple yet effective device that attaches quickly and easily to the head of any USGA standard golf club and provides the appropriate amount of wind resistance to help strengthen and target those muscle fibers vital to improve your golf swing and increase club head speed. Our patent pending product is designed much like a parachute and improves lag, increases club head speed and fires up fast-twitch muscles.

“We’ve designed all Chute Trainer products to work with any ability, any age or any gender,” said Rory Erchul, Co-Owner. “Whether you’re a pro, amateur, young or old, this product will help improve your game and take strokes off your score. There’s nothing on the market quite like it today and the results are amazing. And we’re excited to have our product made right here in the U.S.A. by people with disabilities, a population often overlooked and undervalued.”

The Chute Trainer’s simple concept provides impressive results after just a few swings. The Chute Trainer increases lag – which so many training products try to do, but fail. It fires up fast twitch muscles and increases club head speed, on average, of 5 to 7 mph, which could add 20 to 50 yards on a drive.

Not only does Chute Trainer produce a product for golf, but they’ve recent introduced the Racquet Chute, Bat Chute, Throwing Chute and Hockey Chute for other sports.

“We’re amazed with people’s results and responses,” said Jennifer Erchul, founding partner. “It’s compact, easy to use, and small enough to fit into your pocket or golf bag. Best of all, it’s affordable and makes for a perfect gift, too.”

The founding members of Chute Trainer have negotiated local manufacturing with Dawn Enterprises of Blackfoot, ID, a 501-c3 that employs people with disabilities.

“We’ve worked very hard to exhaust every opportunity to have this product made in the USA,” said Jennifer Erchul. “We’re so excited to be working with Dawn Enterprises locally and to be providing jobs to people with disabilities, a population that doesn’t always get recognized or celebrated. With all four founding partners having people in their families with disabilities, it was very easy deciding to go with Dawn Enterprises. We love it!”