Drive the Golf Ball Farther

Drive the Golf Ball Farther

If you’re looking to drive the golf ball farther, here are a few tips to help you do so.

The driver is one of the most difficult clubs to hit and requires skill and practice to master.  One mistake many golfers make is to try and kill the ball, swinging as hard as they can to muscle the golf ball down the fairway.  However, this rarely works so swing at a comfortable rate and with control.

Distance on the golf ball isn’t directly correlated to muscle or body builds.  Its technique, a proper golf swing, and club head speed.  A nice easy swing within your capabilities and limits will provide you a better chance at hitting with more accuracy and enough force to drive the golf ball a greater distance.

Vital to increased club head speed is the ability to create more lag.  Lag is the angle between your left hand and the golf club.  The longer you can keep this angle small and the more you can hold it before impact, the greater force you can transmit from the club head to the golf ball.  Lag creates maximum energy though the hitting zone, resulting in much greater distance on your drive.

One simple way to create lag is to use the club like a whip, whipping the club head through the hitting zone.  Also, you’ll need to have you hips move forward first, as this is key to a proper golf swing sequence.  Keep in mind that it’s important to keep your balance through the entire swing.  At the end of your golf swing always check to see if you’re balanced or not.  If you’re not balanced, you’re out of control and need to dial it back a bit.

Relax and let the club do the work to drive the golf ball.  No need to kill the ball or swing the club as hard as you can.  Keep in mind a proper driver for your type of swing is essential.  If you swing slower, use a light or medium flex golf shaft.  If you’re a hard hitter and swing strongly, use a stiffer shaft.  You’ll notice that the flex in your club shaft will have a big impact on your distance.

To consistently drive the golf ball farther and straighter will require a lot of practice and time.  It goes without mentioning that spending time at a driving range is important.  As well, you might want to give the Golf Chute by Chute Trainer a try.  The Golf Chute teaches lag, proper golf plain, and primes your fast twitch muscle fibers so you actually are generating more club head speed.