Unless you’re a pro, many of us struggle to drive the golf ball farther in our game.  As many know, a great drive can really set you up for a shorter

Driving the Golf Ball Farther

Driving the Golf Ball Farther

second shot. If you’re short game is sold, driving the golf ball farther is vital to shaving strokes off your game.

The key to hitting a solid drive is club head speed and a proper golf sequence. A huge uncontrolled swing is certainly not the way to drive the golf ball farther. However, a proper hip turn, ball placement and club face position on impact are.

Here are seven steps to help you drive the golf ball farther:

STEP 1: Position the ball so that it aligns off the inside of your lead foot. With the driver, you want your feet to be a couple of inches past shoulder width apart. This provides a solid and substantial base.

STEP 2: Your forward foot should be pointed slightly off of a 90-degree angle from the hole, so that your foot point is moving closer to a 40-degree angle toward the hole. This will allow you a better hip rotation though your swing.

STEP 3: Position your hand firmly on the grip with your left thumb repositioned to the right side of the club shaft. Usually your thumb is positioned straight down the shaft for most shots and will feel a bit unnatural at first. It’s vital, however, to have a solid grip on the shaft at impact.

Step 4: When you start your backswing, concentration on moving your forward shoulder under your chin. This will help keep your swing position tight.

STEP 5: When you’re at the top of your backswing, focus on your lead hand pulling the club back down toward the point of contact.

STEP 6: Shift your body weight from your back foot to your front foot as you begin to bring the club down.

STEP 7: Bring your club head all the way through, allowing your wrist to break late. This will keep the club head square at impact, lessening the chances of a slice.

Golf shaft length and flexibility also play roles in how far your golf ball will fly. A longer, more flexible shaft allows for more club head speed but can also lead to less consistency.  Certainly it’s not easy but if you follow these seven tips, you’re more than likely to drive the golf ball farther.