If you’re looking for the best training aid for golf on the market today to help you drive the ball farther and improve your golf game, then you need the Golf Chute by Chute Trainer.


Play better golf with the best training aid for golf.

Play better golf with the Golf Chute, the best training aid for golf.

The Golf Chute is the best training aid for golf and will help you increase your distance and control because of its patent pending air resistance design.  Easily attach it to the shaft of any golf club and swing away!  You’ll improve your golf swing, have longer drives, and lower scores.

Because the Golf Chute works by using air resistance, it fires up your fast twitch muscles and puts the resistance right at the club head, where you need it most.  Unlike weighted clubs, you use only those muscles vital to the golf swing.

Other similar products on the market today are cumbersome, don’t fit in your pocket or bag easily, and are simply too difficult to use.  The Golf Chute literally weighs ounces and can easily be carried in your pocket or golf bag.  Click it on, swing it, click it off – it’s that easy!

How do you use the the best training aid for golf?  Use it three times per week for 10 or 15 minutes per time to build strength and swing it 6 to 10 times prior to teeing off to warm up.  You’ll want to swing it about 6 times at 50 to 60%, then 4 times at full strength.

Use it to keep your swing tempo in check and create “lag”, that elusive element that most training aids don’t provide.  Remember, a proper golf swing sequence is hips, torso, shoulders, arms, hands and finally the club head.  With the Golf Chute, you simply can’t get the sequence wrong.

Whether you’re a pro or amateur, man or woman, 8 or 80, the Golf Chute works for everyone.  The easier you swing, the easier it works.  The harder you swing, the harder it works.  If you’re club head speed is 100 MPH, for example, by utilizing the Golf Chute training device, you’re firing your fast twitch muscles and training your body to swing the club harder.  When you take it off and swing your club, you’ll find a short term increase in club head speed of 5 to 7 mph.  This translates to 30, 40 or even 50 yards on a typical drive.

So if you’re looking for the best training aid for golf, and you want to improve your performance on the golf course, then you’ll need a Golf Chute by Chute trainer.  Results are immediate!  Play better golf today.  Buy Now!

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