Patented Sports Training Aid Growing Quickly

November 23, 2016 POCATELLO, ID – Pocatello, Idaho based company, Chute Trainer, LLC, has been granted a patent for their unique sports training devices that use natural wind resistance to improve sports performance.  The simple yet effective device attaches quickly and easily to any standard golf club, baseball patent swing trainerbat, tennis racket, hockey stick or hand and provides the appropriate amount of resistance to help strengthen and increase performance. The newly patented products are designed much like a parachute and fire up fast-twitch muscle fibers, increasing the speed and power of a golf or bat swing, pitch or slap shot.

“We’re incredibly excited about getting a patent on these products,” said Rory Erchul, Co-Owner and CEO.  “It’s been almost two years since we started the process and quite a bit of money to get it done.  Having a patented product opens up so many more doors for us and we’re ready to really bring our products to the masses.”

The original product line was the Golf Chute, which increased club head speed of most golfers on average of 5 to 10 mph after just 6 to 10 swings.  This increase in speed results in hitting the ball an extra 20 to 30 yards.  The Bat Chute, Chute Trainer’s second product to market, is also selling very well and sales are not far behind the Golf Chute.  The Bat Chute is a particularly hot seller this fall.

“Our patented designs work with any ability, any age or any gender,” continued Erchul.  “Whether you’re a pro, amateur, young or old, this product will help improve your game.  With our expanded product line, we help quarterbacks and pitchers throw faster, golfers hit farther, batters hit longer, and even hockey players shoot quicker.”

power chute proThe Chute Trainer’s simple concept provides impressive results immediately after use. Recommended use is prior to play and 5 to 10 minutes several times a week to build strength and stamina.

“We’re amazed with people’s results and responses,” said Jennifer Erchul, COO.  “It’s compact, easy to use, and light enough to take and use anywhere.  Best of all, it’s affordable and makes for a perfect gift, too.”

All Chute Trainer products are made in Blackfoot, Idaho, by people with disabilities.  To buy a Chute Trainer product or to learn more about it, visit

Rory Erchul, Owner/CEO