Swing Speed Key to Longer Drives

Doesn’t everyone want to hit longer drives?  Of course they do!  If you’re a golfer, young or old, man or woman, there’s nothing quite like a straight shot right down the middle 250 plus yards.  The rest of your game might not be as good (or maybe it is) but one great shot off the tee is what keeps us all coming back to the game again and again.  If you want to hit longer drives, there are several factors that come into play.

Now, we know that there are many rules to the golf swing:

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Hit Longer Drives with the Golf Chute

Turn your shoulders back 90 degrees

Initiate your downswing from the ground up

Keep your head down

Keep your left arm straight

Don’t swing too hard


And the list goes on and on.  Many of these are true but think of these as suggestions and not necessarily hard, fast rules.  Everyone has a different swing style, speed and approach.  It’s how you use your swing style that matters most.  So, relax on the rules and work with what you’ve got.

Another aspect to hitting longer drives is what is happening to your club face upon impact.  Is it square?  Is it down, up, sideways?  This absolutely matters.  Hitting the ball square, in the sweet spot, with the club face at level, is vital to hitting the ball with accuracy.  There’s no question, however, this is difficult to do with consistency especially for most amateurs.

However, if you can master some of the basics, especially hitting the ball accurately with your club face, then you’re most of the way there.  The key to distance then is swing speed.  The faster you swing the club, the more force being delivered to the ball upon impact.

The Golf Chute by Chute Trainer is an effective way to prime fast twitch muscle fibers, those essential for speed and longer drives.  The Golf Chute is effective because it provide the right amount of resistance – without providing too much resistance – to target and prime those fibers providing your swing with speed.  After just 6 to 8 swings of your club with the Golf Chute attached can increase swing speed by 5 to 10 mph.  This means an additional 20, 30 or even 50 yards off your drive.  Now, who wouldn’t love that?

Right now, Chute Trainer is offering 25% off all products until October 31st, 2015.  Plus, there’s a money-back guarantee.  If you don’t like the product you purchase, just return it within 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund.

The Golf Chute by Chute Trainer can help you hit longer drives, with more accuracy and strength.  Try one for yourself today, at www.chutetrainer.com.


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