Simple Keys to Hitting a Baseball Better and Increasing Bat Speed

Hitting a baseball and increasing bat speed is certainly no easy task and it gets harder the older you get. If you’re a young player moving up in leagues and traveling to tournaments, you’re seeing better baseball batting trainer, batting aid, bat swing speed, swing training aid. bat speed, hitting a baseballand better pitchers at every level. Many of these pitchers, especially as players get into the high school ranks, get faster and have mastered several difficult and different pitches. Facing these pitchers means batters have to learn and maintain the fundamentals of hitting a baseball and develop a proper bat swing. Again, it’s not easy but necessary if you want to continue to be a consistent batter at the plate.

Continuing to work on and develop a proper bat swing is something that needs to be consistently and constantly worked on. When hitting a baseball, your goal is to create what’s called muscle memory. Muscle memory is used synonymously with motor learning, which is a form of memory that involves establishing a specific motor task into memory through repetition. When the pitch is coming, there’s not time for a batter to think, but only react.

Using your feet, your hands and your head together in concert is the key to successfully hitting a baseball, increasing your bat speed, and developing a proper bat swing. If you’re able to get these down, you’re in a great position to be a dangerous hitter, one pitchers will fear to face.

Your foundation is and will always start with your feet. Be sure to maintain balance throughout your bat swing. In order to track the ball accurately, you’ll need to maintain your balance from the beginning of the bat swing right through the finish and follow through.

One tip for your hands is it to keep them back at the start of your swing.  This allows you to generate a lot of power and energy with your legs and core prior to bringing your hands through your swing. As contact is made with the ball, your eyes should be focused on ball actually hitting the bat. Hit through the baseball, meaning bat speed should be at its highest right before contact is made.

Lastly, the easiest thing to remember about your head is to keep it still.  Easier said than done, right?  But, it works.  Keeping it still allows you to focus, watch the ball, react quickly and power your whole body through when hitting a baseball.

To increase your bat speed, batting power, and to promote a proper bat swing, consider using any number of bat swing training aids on the market today. We naturally suggest our Bat Chute batting trainer for this, but feel free to check out other products as well. With a myriad of batting aids and swing trainers on the market, you’re sure to find something for all ages and abilities.

If you’d like to see some baseball hitting drills, check out this video we found on YouTube by  Hope you enjoy it!