Chute Trainer manufactures several tools that athletes can use to enhance their swings and throwing motions.

The original product line was the Golf Chute, which is attached to the end of the golf club to help increase club head speed. Chute Trainer also introduced the Bat Chute, followed by the Throwing Chute, the Racket Chute and the Hockey Chute.

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Doug Lindley, Idaho State Journal

Surveys conducted by Chute Trainer indicate a 95 percent satisfaction rate across all products.

“We’re incredibly excited about getting a patent on these products,” said Chute Trainer co-owner and CEO Rory Erchul. “It’s been almost two years since we started the process and quite a bit of money to get it done. Having a patented product opens up so many more doors for us, and we’re ready to really bring our products to the masses.”

According to Erchul, Chute Trainer recently altered certain chutes to allow them to catch more air, thus increasing the wind resistance. He also said Chute Trainer is developing a chute for lacrosse sticks.

Erchul says the patent, which took about 18 months to attain, adds more legitimacy to his products and protects them from being developed by other parties. It also allows Chute Trainer to market itself to licensing from larger companies.

“Being able to get this product into the hands into the hands of a very large company with a very large budget would be kind of a dream come true for us,” Erchul said. “Now we can go to these people and present this product and see if we can get a licensing deal.”