Black Friday Sale - Best Golf Gift

Black Friday Sale – get your Golf Chute Today

Black Friday Sale – Improve your golf game this season or help the golf lover in your life get a better swing sequence.  The Golf Chute is the perfect golf gift for anyone that enjoys golf, whether they’re young or old, amateur or professional.

For our Black Friday Sale, use the code “thanksgiving” and receive 30% off your Golf Chute – a $15 savings – and get FREE shipping, too!

How do I use the Golf Chute?

There are two ways we recommend using the Golf Chute – to warm up and use during play, and to use during the off season to acquire that perfect golf swing.

Use to warm up and during play to keep going:

  1. Simply attach the Golf Chute to the end of your golf club on the shaft. You’ll notice that the chute will swing freely around your golf club without getting caught up or twisted.
  2. Swing the Golf Chute like you would if you were taking a few warm up swings. Swing your golf club 4 to 6 times at about 50 to 70% your normal swing.
  3. Now, take 3 or 4 good swings like you were to address the ball. DO NOT hit the ball with the Golf Chute on, however.
  4. Take off the Golf Chute and swing a few times to get used to the feeling. Since your fast twitch muscles will be fired up, you’ll be swinging the club 5 to 7 miles per hour faster, on average.
  5. Hit the ball!

Use the Golf Chute during the off season or when you’re not able to golf as much, to keep your muscles in shape and ready to play.  We recommend using this great golf gift 3 times per week, 10 minutes per session.  If you do this, you’ll keep in shape and be ready to play.

Try the Golf Chute today and order yours during our Black Friday Sale.  Again, use the coupon code “thanksgiving” and get 30% off plus FREE shipping!  The Golf Chute is the perfect golf gift for any golfer in your life – don’t miss our Black Friday Sale!