Stick Sports

The Stick Chute by Chute Trainer primes up fast twitch muscle fibers and strengthens those muscles used in sports such as hockey and lacrosse.  Designed to use the proven concept of wind resistance, our Stick Chute attaches easily and securely to your hockey stick or lacrosse stick and provides just the right amount of resistance to warm up and strengthen your shot, swing or throw.

Use the Stick Chute to warm up before practice or a game, as well as use it during your down time and off season to build your strength and muscles used in your sport.  Because the Stick Chute is lightweight and durable, you won’t worry about risk of injury, cost or portability.

Our Stick Chutes are used around the country by athletes of all ages and abilities, from high school to college and beyond.  Get your Stick Chute today!