The Golf Chute Helps Obtain A Proper Golf Swing

The simple, yet effective, Golf Chute’s patent pending design helps you obtain the proper golf swing by teaching lag while increasing club head speed.

A proper golf swing is difficult to master.  Whether you’re a beginner or a top level professional, young or old, our products use the power of wind resistance to help you perform at the best of your natural ability.  Through the use of natural wind resistance, the muscles used during a proper golf swing will be strengthened, warmed up, and will allow you to hit the ball harder, further and with more accuracy.

The Golf Chute fires fast twitch muscle fibers and strengthens vital muscles used in the golf swing.  The direct result is a proper golf swing sequence which involves lag and increased club head speed.  Increased club head speed means increased distance. The Golf Chute quickly and easily snaps on and off, swivels freely on any standard USGA golf shaft allowing the golfer to use their natural swing and won’t alter the mechanics of the golfer like other golf aid products.

Unlike similar products on the market, the Golf Chute is lightweight, fits easily into your pocket or golf bag, and is less than half the cost of other golf aid products.  Get your Golf Chute today and start working on your proper golf swing!