Five Simple Golf Swing Tips

Here are five simple and easy golf swing tips to help get your golf swing up to par for the upcoming golf season.  Unless you live somewhere where you can golf year round, you’ve probably not held a golf club for several months now.  Time to knock off the rust, get those clubs cleaned up and gets your body back in shape and ready to play.

Below are some pretty simple tips every golfer should know and take advantage of to get back into the game.  These are certainly nothing earth shattering, but simple things each of us can do no matter what our ability or level of play.

Simple Golf Swing Tips – Number 1

We’re going to start with balance, which is the basis of a perfect golf swing.  When you swing your club, pay attention to your feet – are your rocking on your heels or toes during the swing?  If you are, then your body is going to try and compensate in some way for this to get your club head to the ball.  This will have a negative impact on your swing.  To help correct this and to gain better balance, try swinging your club while standing on a short piece of 2 x 4 or a piece of foam, anything that might make it harder to balance.  If you can get comfortable on a piece of wood, you can keep your balance on the ground where it counts.

Golf Swing Tips

Standing on a 2 x 4 or piece of foam for balance.

Simple Golf Swing Tips – Number 2

Keeping your hands and your body in sync is key to more consistent results from your swing.  Do not be too hand-oriented and underutilize your body, but instead get into a rhythm that allows your swing to incorporate your whole body.  This in turn, generates more power and more control of the club.  You want to start first with the hips and then begin moving the club with your shoulders or your chest, not your hands. Hands players do not produce power or consistency.

Simple Golf Swing Tips – Number 3

Tempo, Tempo, Tempo!  Practice your tempo and slow it down.  One of our favorite and inexpensive training aids to help with tempo is the Golf Chute by Chute Trainer.  Just clip it to your club and feel the natural wind resistance the Golf Chute creates to slow your club down, creating lag, and providing a more even swing tempo.  The Golf Chute is great for perfecting tempo, proper swing sequence and creates lag so you can hold your club back longer prior to making contact with the ball.

golf swing tips

Utilize the Golf Chute as Golf Swing Tips for Tempo

Simple Golf Swing Tips – Number 4

When practicing your swing, keep in mind the golf swing follows a circular motion, one of a tilted circle.  This is the path that creates a consistent swing and better results.   Think of a hula-hoop and imagine that it’s around your body tilted back at an angle back behind you.  This is the path you want your club to follow each and every time, not vertical or horizontal.

Simple Golf Swing Tips – Number 5

Golf tip number 5 is probably the most important – the mind game.  It all starts, really, in your head.  Try not to get too tied up in the technical minutia of the golf swing, but relax.  Tension and stress is the enemy of a perfect golf swing, or even a decent golf swing.  A few things to consider pre-shot:

  • Start behind the ball
  • Visualize your shot – distance, arc, target
  • Step to the ball and take a nice breath in and release
  • Check your club face and alignment
  • Check your grip
  • Let ‘er rip

Simple Golf Swing Tips – Bonus

A friend of mine once said that golf is the most fun you’ll ever have being pissed off.  He was right, however, the game for the vast majority of golfers is simply to enjoy it and have a good time.  If you don’t have a good time playing, then maybe you should take up tennis.